US Business Units

Product Expansion

This is the story of the United States business units becoming the world leader in thermal processing technologies.

Inductotherm Group’s product expansion began in the 1960s, when Henry Rowan identified other companies using induction technology in different industries / sectors. With the acquisition of induction heating, heat treating, welding and vacuum melting and refining companies, Inductotherm Group is now the world leader in thermal processing technologies.

Consarc Corp. Acquired

In July, Consarc Corp. was purchased.

IPE Acquired

In September, IPE was purchased. It would go through several name changes before it’s renamed Inductoheat, Inc. in 1980.

High Energy Corp. Acquired

In Febuary, High Energy Corp. was purchased.

Thermatool Corp. Acquired

In June, Thermatool Corp. was purchased.

As long as the company lived up to performance standards, each CEO was free to run his company as he saw fit. I never minded a CEO making a mistake. I had made mistakes, lots of big ones; I expected them to make mistakes as they moved forward. ‘Business is a continual risk,’ I reminded them. If you don’t take risks, you’re not a manager, you’re a caretaker.
Henry Rowan

EMSCO Acquired

In August, EMSCO was purchased.

Lepel Corp. Acquired

Lepel Corp. was purchased.

Alpha Acquired

In October, Alpha was purchased.

Corotec Corp. Acquired

Corotec Corp. was purchased.

W.J. Savage Co. Acquired

In December, W.J. Savage Co. was purchased.

Sonobond Ultrasonic, Inc. Acquired

In December, Sonobond Ultrasonic, Inc. was purchased.

T&H Lemont Acquired

In May, T&H Lemont was purchased.

Radyne Corp. Acquired

In July, Radyne Corp. was purchased.

Alpha 1 Acquired

Alpha 1 Induction Service center Inc. was purchased.

Inductotherm Group

Inductotherm Group was formed.

In 2001 the companies offering induction technologies - melting, heating, heat treating, welding, and vacuum melting and refining equipment - were formed into one cohesive organization called Inductotherm Group. The Group leverages coordinated product R&D and an unrivaled technology transfer system to provide its legendary products to customers locally and globally.

PV/T Inc. Acquired

In May, PV/T Inc. was purchased.

Ross Production Systems, Inc. Acquired

In June, Ross Production Systems, Inc. was purchased.

Clinton Machine, Inc. Acquired

In December, Clinton Machine, Inc. was purchased.

Since the 1960s, the entity first known as Inductotherm has grown, adapted and evolved. The result: A broad offering of products and services that meet the needs of customers in every industry. In 2001 this Group’s customer-centric strategy of ‘Global yet Local’ was further refined and even more companies were added to the mix. Today Inductotherm Group serves its global customers from factories that make the products locally. These local team teams speak a combined 39 languages and have intimate knowledge of local codes and regulations, ensuring that customers receive the most efficient and reliable technology and process support in the world.