Product Developments

Part two

Producing better products and raising the expectation level of an entire industry.

Inductotherm advances continue today, as Inductotherm Group companies around the world work tirelessly to improve their equipment and services, helping customers increase production, decrease waste and improve efficiency.


Inductotherm introduces the first induction inverter to power and control two furnaces simultaneously, VIP Dual-Trak.


Inductotherm introduces the first melt shop Windows-based computer control system, Meltminder.

Melt-Manager is introduced by Inductotherm as the first induction power supply with built-in computer control.


Inductotherm introduces an ultra-high temperature automated zone control graphite heating, the VIP Multi-Switch.


Thermatool introduces CFI series Solid State HF Welders. Forty-five are sold in the first year of full production.


Inductotherm introduces the first inductively heated tundish for continuous casting operations.

Inductoheat creates the contactless inductor technology for strip processing lines. Patent issued in 1996.


Inductotherm introduces the first VIP Tri-Trak unit designed to offer greater operational flexibility.

Inductotherm performs the first installation of VIP Power-Trak "eb" unit with "efficiency-boost" designed to reduce energy costs.


The Thermatool 800 kHz solid state HF welder is used to weld brass and aluminum tubes with 0.1 mm wall thickness for heat exchanger applications.

The first six-zone VIP Multi-Switch power supply unit is introduced by Inductotherm.


Inductotherm completes the first induction melting installation in the world with almost 70,000 kW of induction power capable of pouring over 100 tons per hour.

I’ve often thought as I’ve watched the streams of fresh molten metal pouring from my furnaces that they were casting a better life for the enormous segment of the emerging population that had not yet enjoyed the benefits of industrialization.
Henry Rowan


The first 85-ton induction melting coreless furnace is introduced by Inductotherm.


The CrankPro non rotational crankshaft machine – patent approval 2001 (Inductoheat).


Thermatool builds the world’s first true variable frequency welder. Frequency is adjustable in 1 kHz increments from 250 to 400 kHz.


Inductotherm introduces the first air-cooled, direct electric heat (DEH) induction furnace for aluminum, the Acutrak.

First HAZControl Technology Welder with AutoMatch feature is introduced by Thermatool.

First 1200kW Solid Sate HF Welder is introduced by Thermatool.


Inductotherm introduces the first built-in, touch-screen computer control, Melt-Manager Plus.

Thermatool introduces the first double cut dieset.

Inductoheat introduces InductoForge.


Inductoheat introduces Inductoscan.


Inductotherm introduces a series of IGBT-based induction power supply systems, the VIP-I.

Quick change Dual Induction/Contact HF Welder adds energy efficiency to tube producers manufacturing process. Introduced by Thermatool.


Inductotherm introduces, ARMS. The first fully-automated melt shop system to enhance worker safety.

IROSS introduction – license agreement with Peter Ross and Associates and Inductoheat. Introduction of FluxManager Technology by Inductoheat.


The Smart Anneal system for Seam Annealing Pipe and Tube in line is introduced by Thermatool, helping API OCTG producers reduce scrap and improve product quality.

InductoForge with IHAZ introduction with Standby (Inductoheat).


Inductotherm introduces a breakthrough automated pouring control technology designed to provide perfect pour precision, P3 (Predictive Pour Performance).

Thermatool introduces HAZControl Technology software to enhance operator skill when using the Thermatool variable frequency HF Welder. Over 1,000 Thermatool solid state welders are now in operation.

Henry Rowan pushed himself and his team to develop groundbreaking new technologies under intense deadline pressures.


The Multi-Pour by Inductotherm is introduced as the first adjustable, twin-nozzle stopper rod system for increased productivity.

Thermatool builds the biggest HAZControl Technology HF welder to date - 800 kW output, 275 to 375 kHz output frequency in either induction or contact mode.


Inductotherm introduces the first installation of VIP Power-Trak "HE" unit with "high-efficiency" design.


Inductotherm introduces the first VIP Quad-Trak.


Inductotherm installs the first EMMLD enhanced detection system.

Thermatool introduces the first 1500kW Solid State HF Welder.

Radyne launches the VersaPower-Xtreme.


Inductotherm introduces the first Hybrid furnace with a channel uppercase and coreless inductor specifically designed for the aluminum market.

InductoForge IHAZ II second generation introduced by Inductoheat.


Inductotherm introduces the first iSense Melt Shop Equipment Data Visualization System installed to collect, store and distribute equipment data in real-time.


New Data Acquisition System introduced by Inductoheat.


Introduction of Inductotherm's High-Velocity Hood, Vortex.

IFP (Independent Frequency Power Supply) utilized in major Tier 1 Pinion Anneal program by Inductoheat.


Inductotherm introduces the first refractory monitoring system using laser imaging technology, IRIS.

Introduction of the world's largest melting installation by Inductotherm - currently operating four 22 MW and two 24 MW VIP Power-Trak units each connected to 50-ton Heavy Steel Frame furnaces.


Introduction of Inductotherm's Management Information Analytics Platform, MiPlant.

My greatest wish is that this entity we call “Inductotherm” will continue to thrive, with its key divisions continuing to be world leaders in the products they’ve developed and in the markets that they’ve tackled. It remains a monument to my life’s work, but more important still are the challenges and pleasures it can bring to the future generations of young people who choose to make it theirs.
Henry Rowan
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